Duane Stanton

What a flower


Fullerton Car show

Industrial calm

A morning picture of the port of LA, a very calm moment.


Street view bluelined

An idea for a cover to a book I was thinking of producing. This was a sample.

Waiting for dinner

Fishing boat mate in San pedro. Love these guys. Fun to take their photographs.

standing out

Street Art

Came by an art show of chalk artist, their works are amazing.

Teddy Bears of the Sea

A small raft of Sea Otters found in Moro Bay, just relaxing. Wonder if they are talking about the nut with the camera.


Wall art/Outdoor Sculptures on the Engineering building at CSULB.

Wall Art

Pasadena Area bar, love the graphic and the lighting. Fun effect and the textures were neat too!!

A face of many

The Crown Fountain in Chicago Millennium park. I love the grid pattern and the look of this art; the individual.looks to be having fun!! Spent tw2o hours watching fountain.

Fine Art Hand Held

A wonderful Huntington library sculptures of the 19th century located in the Scott Gallery. Since they do not allow tripods or flash, this was a hand held shot using a Minolta 50mm F1.2 Rokkor and a Panasonic GF-1.

A car show

Staking for a meal

A harbor view

Love this city

The Granville Street Bridge

Vancouver BC

The Hubbard Glacier

A portion of the glacier. Taken July 10, 2013






33700 - Composition

anothe view at CSULB


Grill love

Love the 50's spaceage thinking...

What a show!

Car show Fullerton 2010

Still life?

Film to digital conversion

Soaring -- An Experiment

I modified a still from outdated film to see if I could convert to a interesting picture. The conversion to black and white cause this strange glow.

Pixels of Sky City

A reflection of the Sky City Tower from a remote building..

Ghost of Sky City...

Sky City

A photographer's dream

A night shot of the Sky City complex in Auckland NZ. Truly a photographer's dream for lighting and various shapes and scale. Love the time taking photographs here.

Early Morning Sydney

From s slow moving ship leaving Sydney at 3:30AM Just after a heavy rain storm. Raw image not change


Grandchild... was expermining with a Fuji x-T1 with a Minolta MD 50mm F1.2 Manual focus.

solar building

Just for fun

Anything Educational

Last to be seen, the building is being torn down. Wall Art is fun to record and view.

The Coastal Bee & Friend

A Non-macro lens image...

Why are you bothering me?